Corona virus (common cold) destroys our constitutional rights!

Yes, common colds are caused by one of many types of Rhino viruses and Corona viruses, plus many other virus strains.
To be very clear, you have already had other strains of Corona viruses many times.

Common Cold Shuts Down Life Around the World!

Politicians and World Healthcare Agencies declare end of constitutional rights in order to prevent basic freedoms!
As a nastier common cold spreads, freedom to travel, congregate, shop, receive shipments, go to church and schools at all levels is now prevented.
In order to keep you free from freedom, factories, jobs and basic healthcare are now becoming difficult to obtain. Hospitals will likely soon be unable to admit patients with serious and perhaps other lethal conditions as the insanity continues.

Friday, March 27
Well, so far this has been a totally unexpected ride through hell.
How quickly we have been crushed by an essentially harmless illness.
Illnesses are, of course, never pleasant. People always die.
Air pollution, dust, car crashes, train derailments, drowning, .....
So far, the common cold, I mean COVID-19 (I guess that means that there have been AT LEAST 18 other types) hasn't been too bad at all.
Let's face it. How many times have you had a cold? Did you go to work or school? Yup. We all do.

What has this minor illness stolen from us?

  • Your job

  • Your employer

  • Your employees

  • Your business

  • Your dental care

  • Your basic medical care

  • Your right to protest

  • Your right to see a movie

  • Your right to eat out

  • Your right to pursue legal remedies

  • Your ability for full public transportation

  • Any hope to keep existing public transportation

  • Your libraries

  • Your right to work at a wage you choose

  • Your rights for personal freedoms

  • Your education

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